LOGOS Young Adult Conference

Hosted by: Reformed Youth Services

Event type: Conference

Date:Thursday, December 28, 2006 - Saturday, December 30, 2006
Contact: - 616-677-0694
Details: Are your feet shod with the readiness of the Gospel of peace? Are you eager to be serving the Lord, fully involved in the spiritual conflict, but wonder where God desires to use you? One of the persistent question of the Christian life has to do with knowing Godís will. What does God want me to do in the next 5 years? Should I continue in school? Should I expect to be married in the future? Where should I get a job?

During our time together, we hope to explore how Christians are to approach the will of God as Christians, especially at those pivotal, decision-making points in our lives. We hope to look at the biblical idea of contentment and seek to apply it to what God has revealed to us about his will and our lives, as well as how the clear commands of Scripture fit into the big questions of life and what happens if we have the nagging suspicion that are past decisions have ruined Godís plan for our lives (is there an on-ramp back into the will of God?).

Come on out for a stimulating conference on knowing the will of God. We hope to keep our feet firmly on the ground, while not afraid to put our head in the clouds! Get equipped for life from Godís holy word at RYSí 10th annual winter retreat.

Kettunen Retreat Center, located just south of Cadillac in northern Michigan, is a familiar site of LOGOS, as several young adult retreats and conferences were held there in the late 1990ís including RYSí first-ever singlesí event in January of 1998. Retreat attendees will reside in hotel-style rooms, so there is no need for linens. The room includes double vanities and private bathrooms.

The retreat will begin on Thursday evening, December 28, with our traditional pizza dinner and conclude with brunch on Saturday December 30. All single young adults ages 18-30 who are in school or working are highly encourage to attend.

Sledding (free), skiing at Caberfae Peaks Ski Center ($24.00 lift ticket & $23.00 ski or snowboard rental) or bowling ($7.00 for two games) are some of the day away options.

More information will be mailed to you after signing up.

Registration deadline is postmark December 13.

Location:Kettunen Retreat Center -Tustin, Michigan
Cost:$140.00 (US) per person

Event ID (for picture posting): 33355

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