Western Hoe Down of 2007!

Hosted by: Cowgirls of Southern Ontario

Event type: Other

Date:Saturday, June 16, 2007
Contact: - 905-851-1405
Contact: - 416-741-0657
Details: Hey ya'll cowboys and cowgirls!

Cinch-up yer cowboy boots and get fixin' for a real western hoe down! Prep yerselves up for some heel slappin' good times at the Dikschei's dude ranch on On Saturday, June 16, 2007 kickin' off at 5:30 pm!

Whether it be sinkin' your teeth into delectably delicious corn-on-the-cob, or savourin' the mouth-watering tastes of mmmm…fire-roasted hot dogs, or perhaps winnin' the sheriff badge of honour in our championship game of arm-wrestling, let the sweet sounds of country twang assail your ears for this one night in honour of some very special upcoming occasions…

June owns the birthdays of more people (so we reckon it'd hardly be fair to mention that Mark Nywening, Charlene Dikschei's and Joyce Koerssen's birthdays just happen to land on June 11, 12, and June 13) but on top of a sweet old-fashioned birthday party for any June birthdays, we are putting this event on to raise funds for a cause that an even larger group of our sweet brothers and sisters in Christ carry on their hearts. What cause is this? The cause of Christ. Two thousand years ago He came down in the form of man, a servant, to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed. (Luke 4:18)

We too are called to be servants and to spread the gospel to those who are in bondage to sin. A local branch of believers who are putting this calling into action is Project417 is an outreach program of Ekklesia Inner City Ministries - a ministry to the homeless people on the streets of Toronto. The $ from the freewill offering from this event will be put toward purchasing the sandwich supplies for bagged lunches in support of this organization. And not only that! Lord-willing, you, along with others, will have the opportunity to participate in this yourself as we head downtown to personally deliver these lunches with the members of Project417. (Stay tuned for future information regarding this event.)

So giddy-up yer horses and hop on the bandwagon to the Big Sugar (a.k.a the Dikschei's dude ranch) on June 16. RSVP (or you might not git yer grits) and come with yer...

- flashlights for singing

- lawn chairs

- harmonicas, guitars, violins - musical instruments of any kind

- loose change for the arm wrestling challenge

...And best and certainly not least and most definitely mandatory, don't forget to dress-up in your rodeo duds for a grand spankin' time of fun and fellowship!


sincerely yers,

Michele, Joyce, Louise & Charlene

cowgirls of southern ontario
Location:Dikscheis' Dude Ranch
Directions: From the 427, take Hwy. 7 Exit and go east on Hwy. 7 until you've reached Pine Valley Drive. Turn left. Drive straight until you see our house (8520), just past Langstaff Road.

Cost:Freewilll offering

Event ID (for picture posting): 33905

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